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Blue the dead dog's name absent
from Super Tuesday primary ballots

Candidate's campaign manager alleges
discrimination on the basis of rigor mortis

Wilma Whipstittle
Staff Writer/Photographer
Still frothing with rage after finding her candidate had been left off ballots in all of Super Tuesday's primary states, Lucrecia Borgia threatened "lawsuits, verbal assaults, obscene gestures, temper tantrums, foot stomping, eye rolling, and outrageously bad manners generally" until election officials agree to hold elections all over again.

"Being brain dead has never been a reason to leave someone's name off of a ballot," noted Blue's campaign manager. "And you're telling me being dead all over should be? What's the difference? Discrimination, that's what it is. I'll dispute tooth and nail any claim that being dead and frozen is an impediment to being a successful candidate for public office. Blue's teeth and nails, that is. I just had several thousand dollars' worth of dental work done and had nail extensions put on while I was at the dentist's office. You like them? I was going to have a chin tuck, too, but they were already overbooked for the day."

"Too bad," consoled Lou the bartender. "But why wasn't Blue's name on those ballots, Lucrecia?"

"Search me." Lucrecia admitted. "I posted Blue's candidacy on Twitter."

"Perhaps they wanted something more, like hearing from voters who wanted his name on the ballot," Lou went on.

"Really?" said Lucrecia. "Okay, I'll send a New York City phone directory to those elections folks. There are millions of people listed in that book."

The Rev. Haskall looked up from his drink and noted, "The Naked City? I don't think naked people can vote, can they?"

Lou shook his head and said, "I was referring, Lucrecia, to people signing their names to a petition saying Blue should be included amongst the other candidates."

"That seems awfully old fashioned," Lucrecia said as she admired her nails. "Twitter ought to do it, I think."

"I hate to rain on your parade ..."

"No rain!" said chef Juan de Fuca. "Blue doesn't do well in the rain. He starts to smell like a thawing, wet, dead dog."

"Let me put it another way," said Lou. "You'd better forget redoing those primaries and come up with another strategy."

Okay," said Lucrecia, "how about if we start a grass cutting campaign."

"Or perhaps a grass roots campaign," said Lou.

"That, too," said Lucrecia. "Hey, maybe Blue could be a write home candidate!"

"Write-in?" suggested Lou.

"I think that should work," said Dorothea Deluney as she passed with a tray of drinks. "Who would not want to write the name of a frozen dead dog on a presidential ballot? Oh wait, have you got one of those phone books handy?"

"I will ignore that and start my grass raking campaign in Stray Lake," said Lucrecia. "We will have to schedule a primary election for third party presidential candidates more or less immediately, then all go to the polls with Blue in mind."

"I'm glad you didn't have him on the tips of our tongues," allowed Dorothea.

Lucrecia made a face at Dorothea and said, "Juan, it is scheduled to be cool and dry tomorrow. How long can Blue be turned out of the freezer to make a campaign appearance?"

"About two hours, if we keep him on dry ice," allowed Juan.

"I will notify the television people in Loomisville," said Lucrecia. "Blue will be at the offices of the election commission to demand a primary be scheduled for sometime next week. Lou, can we hold a Blue for President rally on the deck overlooking the sewage lagoon later that day, after Blue is refrozen?"

"Sure," said Lou. "Better check on the wind, though. If it's going to be coming off the lagoon..."

"What the hell," said Dorothea, "it couldn't be any worse than what's been going on in the race so far."

blue for president

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