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Blue picks up presidential backing
in independent White House bid

Campaign manager: 3 - 0 lead on Trump

Wilma Whipstittle
Staff Writer/Photographer
Blue the dead dog's third party run for President got a boost today when he was endorsed by three former presidents, Theodore Roosevelt, Grover Cleveland, and Ban Johnson, who was president of the American League from 1901 to 1927.

"That makes us one ahead of what Hillary is likely to get and three to zip over Donald," crowed Blue's campaign manager Lucrecia Borgia. "I'm working on getting Lincoln into the fold, but his people still need some convincing."

"Do you think you're likely to get any endorsements from living Presidents?" wondered Lou the bartender.

"I've reached out to several, but have not heard anything," said Lucrecia. "You'd at least think Fred Cullaway would get back to me. He's President of the Optimistic Club of Brakethwait Corners.

"They have something to be optimistic about in Brakethwait Corners?" mused Dorothea Deluney as she passed with a tray of drinks.

"No, but the club is working on it," explained Lucrecia.

"And just how did you come by the backing of three dead presidents?" wondered Lou.

"Weed Combine," said Lucrecia. "He's a philatelist."

"I had no idea he collected stamps," admitted Lou.

"No, he talks to dead people," said Lucrecia.

"He ought to drop by here more often," said Dorothea. "He'd get an earful."

"I think you mean a psychic," suggested Lou.

"Well I'll admit he's a little strange, hanging out in cornfields all the time, but he is the assistant county agent."

"A psychic medium," said Lou.

"I didn't know they came in grades," said Dorothea.

"Go to the other end of the bar and see if the Rev. Haskall wants another drink," Lou suggested.

Lucrecia shrugged and said, "All I know is that he goes to his special fields and burns weeds and talks to ..."

"That's more than I want to know," said Lou.

"The Rev. says he'll have a double and Lucrecia, he can get several dead prophets on board for you if you'll bring Blue to church at Candle Creek next Sunday. They're offering immersions and he figures Blue might draw a crowd."

"Just as long as he doesn't try to wash him like he did last time," said Lucrecia. "Blue started to float off down the creek."

"I'll lay in some dry ice," said Chef Juan de Fuca. "Blue holds up much better when he's on a bed of dry ice."

"I'll get Weed, too," said Lucrecia. "Maybe he can conjure up somebody else."

"This could be a record immersion day," said the Rev. "Send out a case of something for me, Lou. I'll need stimulants to keep up my strength."

"Lou, can I have Sunday off?" said Dorothea.

"You want to go to the immersions?" wondered Lou.

"No, I think I'll find one of Weed's special fields and conjure up Florence Nightingale to nurse the walking wounded," said Dorothea.

blue for president

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